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Love came,
and became like blood in my body.
It rushed through my veins and
encircled my heart.
Everywhere I looked,
I saw one thing.
Love’s name written
on my limbs,
on my left palm,
on my forehead,
on the back of my neck,
on my right big toe…
Oh, my friend,
all that you see of me
is just a shell,
and the rest belongs to love.
Rumi (via fuckyeahrumi)


Colorful smoke photography by Floto+Warner

What if I was wrong, and started trying to fix it?

Wading for a status change.

Wading for a status change.


Adventure is Calling Art Print by Leah Flores | Society6 on We Heart It.


Adventure is Calling Art Print by Leah Flores | Society6 on We Heart It.


Words are powerful


Words are powerful
Healing is an art. It takes time, it takes practice. It takes love.
Maza-Dohta  (via jazzylittledrops)
It’s about cancer of the boob.

I’ve been reading heaps of hate on my facebook feed about the #nomakeupselfies4BreastCancer and I can’t help but voice my opinion.

First off, the people who are hating, are people I respect a lot and I can see where they are coming from; selfies don’t really promote anything other than vanity. They make the subject happy, depending on the amount of likes they get but generally selfies have no use in making the rest of society happy.

Now those of you who are facebook friends with me know, I love a good selfie. I admit to my vanity…Hello I’m an actor, I purposefully put myself out there because deep down I think I belong in front of your eyes, so can tell you important stories through he art of theatre and film. But this isn’t about defending the selfie, we all know there ain’t no case for that.

It’s about cancer of the boob.

I will now share with you a story, that some of you may not know.

When I was 20, two weeks before I was supposed to fly to Scotland to perform in the 2009 Edinburgh Fringe Festival, I had to get a double lumpectomy.

Breast surgery to remove 5 lumps from both my breasts. 4 came up as benign (but had the potential to become dangerous) 1 was a mystery, it had a blood flow and was 5cm in diameter. I was told to get them all surgically removed for safety. I have never been more vulnerable and scared in my life. I had to sign a legal consent form a week before I went under that basically said I could wake up with a mastectomy. If when they cut me open, they found things were worse than they thought… I had to sign away my boobs. Not to mention the possibility of chemo and the idea that this could have the power to kill me. Cancer is no fun we all know that.

Long story short, the surgery was successful ( I got to keep my beautiful boobs and now have sweet moon crescent scars that actually look pretty ) and I did not require any further treatment, I just need regular checks. I was lucky.

Some women aren’t as lucky…

Now I’m not going to post pictures of my boobs on the internet because that can attract bad attention.

Like I said I love a good selfie but my scarred boobs could be considered as indecent but I will admit honestly that last week I grammed a filtered #nomakeupselfie not actually for breast cancer but coincidently because I just woke up feeling pretty and confident and vain and did what I usually do and posted a selfie because I am not ashamed to say I felt positive. You can judge me for that if you want, you can say I am a selfish ignorant dumb ass, I am human. You are entitled to have that opinion.

It was a complete coincidence and I do however feel ashamed for not being more aware of this #nomakeupselfie 4 breast cancer awareness campaign. I seriously didn’t even know that it was a thing until I did it. Which actually makes me glad I did because now I am informed of the cause which is close to my chest and surprisingly towards something other than vanity!

So now that I know about it, I’m 100% for it. I personally would love to see more no make up selfies of women telling me they got checked or did something towards the cause like donate or volunteer… I think it’s more fun than those Daffodils… I want to see all yo pretty natural faces!

Because seeing women without make up is awesome. Seeing your natural face for breast cancer is even better. You’re all beautiful and it means people talk about cancer. Yeah because it’s stupidly controversial - “why should women without make up be a big deal, it’s not brave, or a thing at all”, so people gossip about it. In my eyes it’s a pretty way to draw attention to most important part which is that beast cancer is mentioned. It’s voiced and maybe because you see your friend post a #nomakeupselfie4breastcancer you will take one, but you will think before you post it, to give the excuse that it’s for breast cancer and maybe something in your brain will click and you will check your breasts or donate money to a cancer fund or even volunteer at your local hospital! I think this campaign is working. In fact in the UK an unbelievable £8 million has now been raised thanks to the ‪#‎nomakeupselfie‬donations in just six days. I wonder how many women checked themselves in the shower because of it. I will also add I have seen a few of these beautiful #nomakeupselfies on my feed and am proud to know some of the subjects have been affected by breast cancer in one way or another. Rock on ladies!

So it’s getting people to mention breast cancer. Maybe not in the way you’d like but all those #nomakeupselfies make you think maybe “I should do something” and that is good enough for me. Also I’m pretty sure those people complaining about them saying it’s all just vanity, checked their boobs because of it.

So I want to do it right this time! Because I am no longer ignorant to the cause.

Here is the same #nomakeupselfie I grammed last week without any filter because I am seriously for #cancerawearness!


Check yo breasts -

Donate -

I will just add I don’t know how donations to corporate funds work and I’m sceptical because I know patients often still have to pay for their own treatments. I would rather donate money to help pay for someone’s treatment than put money towards a cure for cancer because treatment is immediate. Not that I am not hopeful that we will find a cure, I do really hope for that. It’s just my opinion that we should save lives while we can. So I recommend volunteer work because you know you are helping where it is needed. Giving your money away and not knowing where it’s going is ignorant. So make sure you give your money to something you know is working or yeah volunteer yourself.

Volunteer -

I hope to see more of your pretty natural faces but only if you touch yourself in the shower to check if you have breast cancer cause boy am I glad I checked myself in 2009 :)

Lots of love



P.S Lets be real you wouldn’t read this unless there was a picture attached. Stats are you click on links because there is a pic attached. So don’t say you don’t want to see a picture.